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Strong Hips=Less Lower Body Injuries

If you’re one who is constantly dealing with lower body injuries, you might want to try strengthening your hips. Research shows that numerous lower body injuries are associated with weakness in the hips.

Weakness in the hips can lead to excessive pronation of the foot, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, IT band syndrome, piriformis issues, hip bursitis and the mist goes on. I don’t want to get too involved with all the muscles and their function, but I would like for you to understand the hip muscles help to maintain alignment throughout the lower extremities. When the hips lack strength, the knee comes out of alignment which then takes the foot and ankle out of alignment. Now, the body tries to compensate causing undue stress to muscles, joints, ligaments and other tissues. This extra stress causes pain, injury and dysfunction! So, give this hip strength circuit a shot to cope with some of the above mentioned injuries.

Use this circuit as a warm up. You can do it as an activity morning or evening or whatever fits best with your schedule. Perform 1-2x daily🔹 1️⃣Banded Clam Shells-10-15 reps each 2️⃣Side Lying Leg Lift-10-15 reps each 3️⃣Bridges-10-15 reps 4️⃣Side Lying Inner Thigh-10-15 reps each 5️⃣Bird Dog-6-8 each

Do this for a couple weeks and reassess your strength and pain level.

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