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Fitness Made Simple


Fitness For Function LLC, is a personal training studio located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We have over 25 years of fitness experience in helping clients of all ages enhance their quality of life through customized programs designed to improve their physical fitness, maintain their emotional well-being and achieve nutritional balance. Our plan is to share our knowledge and expertise to help others globally get healthy and in shape. 


We build our one-on-one personal training programs and online fitness sessions around the latest innovative techniques that have been proven to achieve and maintain physical fitness and overall health. We are more than just a gym ... you can go anywhere and get a workout - we provide our clients with the right coaching and individual attention they need to blaze their own path to success.  Much of what we see in the big box commercial gyms is redundant and non-specific to the individuals' goals.  A program that works well for one may cause damage to another.  Let us coach you to better fitness and health.

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